INADYN - Simple Dynamic DNS client.

INADYN is a free DynDNS client. It gives the possibility to have your own fixed hostname registered on the internet, although your IP might be changing. It checks periodically whether the IP address stored by the DNS server is the real current IP address of the machine that is running INADYN.

Here is a better defintion of what Dynamic DNS system is.
And here is a LIST of Dynamic DNS service providers.

Current version: 1.96.2 - March 2007

INADYN support forum

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Download / Documentation here .
(Source Code + Binaries for :
Linux, Windows, MAC OS, Open BSD


  • stable application, with very few bugs so far
  • runs in background, no attention needed: 'just works'
  • runs fine behind a router

  • supports the following services:
  • (in all three flavors: dynamic, static, custom)
  • various services similar to dyndns (e.g.

  • maintains up multiple aliases of the same IP address
  • runs as a service (Windows 2000/XP, Linux,...)
  • or runs as a console application
  • does not perform unnecessary updates.
  • has 'install and forget it feature'.
    That is, after install one can completely forget about it.
    No maintenance required.


Inadyn is known to work on the following systems:
  • Linux - several distributions:
    • Debian
    • Fedora
    • Freesco
    • Mandrake ...
  • Windows XP/2000 - as service / console app
  • *** BSD
  • OpenDarwin x86
  • Solaris
  • MAC OS
  • OS/2
  • OpenWrt - on ARM cpu.
  • ThreadX - on ARM cpu
  • ...

Support and Bug reports

Inadyn is interested not to have bugs. So if you tink you found something please use the contact address to report it. The bugs (to be honest very few so far, see History for details) are usually fixed very fast once they are reported.
No active testing is performed so without user feedback the bugs won't get discovered and fixed.

Awards for inadyn
Inadyn has been awarded by many specialized software publishers. Some of them will be listed here:
5 Stars Award

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Inadyn is:
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